Sustainability Projects

Project Photo Category Status Students Involved with Project Total Funding Years
E-Bike for WRRAP- XHF039 Photo shows three wheeler Radburro E-Bike with storage space that was chosen for implementation. Campus Collaborations, Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Austen Thibault, Jay Ryan, Aneika Perez, Toni Castillo $9,000 2019-2020
Greenspace Management- XHF038 South West lawn between Harry Griffith Hall and Child Development Lab 2019 Misc, Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Jason Patrick Marcus Reid, Melissa D. Savage, Jacob Gellatly $35,000 2019- 2020
SRC Field House LED Lights- XHF036 Existing conditions of the field house lights Lighting Upgrades Active: Construction Evan Gamman, Kainalu Asam, Tran Huyen (Sky) Pham $85,000 2018-present
FSH Fisheries Pumps- XHF033 Outdated Baldor pumps and motors with product information label. Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Michael Academia $107,387 2018-2021
CCAT Mini-Split Heat Pump- XHF034 A woodstove in the CCAT common room served as the only source of space heating in the building as of 2019 Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Anh Bui, McKenna Rayburn, Ben Nyugen, Gianna Spinosa Tesoro $88,652 2018-2021
Building Level Heat Pump Design - XHF037 Harry Griffith Hall, one of the buildings on Humboldt campus Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Xavier Hernandez, Craig Mitchel, Christina Ortega $24,910 2018-2021
Marine Lab LED Retrofit- XHF029 Classroom at Telonicher Marine Lab Lighting Upgrades Active: Planning and Design Toni Castillo, Tran Huyen Phan, David Gould $120,000 2017-present
Streetlight LED Upgrade- XHF028 Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Derek Ichien, Ty Muhovic, Josiah Norton, McKenna Rayburn $47,341 2017-2020
Shower Behavior Change- XHF026 two monitoring devices, one shower head that changes color while running, the other device is a screen with a timer and an animated polar bear on an ice berg that shrinks as the shower runs Behavior Change Campaigns, Resources for Students Completed/Installed Eduardo Valenzuela, Ty Muhovich, Cassidy Barrientos, Cody Hennings $7,221 2017-2020
HEIF Film- XHF027 close up of two students trying out a new HEIF water bottle filling station with the HEIF logo in the foreground Misc, Resources for Students On Hold Adam Hayes, Erin McDonnald $13,000 2017-2019
JGC & KA Daylight Harvesting- XHF023 Lighting Fixtures in the J Dining Commons 2017 Lighting Upgrades Active: Planning and Design James Jeon, McKenna Rayburn, Jessica Solomon $8,800 2016-present
FAC MGMT Earth Tub Cover- XHF035 Existing conditions of the Earth Tub: covered by a gray tarp and weighed down by bricks and some other objects Campus Collaborations Active: Planning and Design Diana Orozco, McKenna Rayburn, Ben Nyugen, Gianna Spinosa Tesoro $10,000 2016-present
Water Filling Stations- XHF031 four reusable water bottles lined up on a ledge Resources for Students, Waste Management/Diversion Active: Construction Meredith Garrett, Emily Johnson, Megan Moore $20,760 2016-present
Smart parking- XHF032 one of the busy Humboldt parking lots on a sunny day Efficiency Upgrades, Resources for Students On Hold Aisha Cissna, Michael Ramirez, Amanda Lagasca, Ty Muhovich $66,000 2016-present
CCAT Water Heater Replacement- XHF019 welcome sign at the CCAT building Campus Collaborations, Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Austin Anderson, Solomon Clark, Bryann Allen, Alyssa Marquez, Akash Dixit $9,000 2016-2021
SERC PV Array Supplement- XHF017 aerial view of the Schatz Center with PV array on the roof Solar Completed/Installed Jake Rada, Patrick Hassett, Natalie Rynne, Jake Rada, Lowen Hobbs $34,984 2016-2019
Exterior Compost Bins- XHF020 Resources for Students, Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Shohei Morita, Tessa Lance $14,000 2016-2017
Campus Wall- XHF018 screenshot of the Campus Wall website Campus Collaborations, Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Tessa Lance, Anne Maher $2,400 2016- ongoing
Music Art Lighting LED Retrofit- XHF024 exiting lighting fixtures, before retrofit Lighting Upgrades Active: Construction Molly Daly, Delia BenseĀ­Kang, Friedel Pretorius, Jessica Solomon $69,864 2015-present
Housing Lighting LED Retrofit- XHF022 existing conditions: lollipop head lighting fixtures outside of Jolly Giant Commons. Lighting Upgrades Active: Planning and Design Aisha Cissna, Matthew Ware, Jacob Rowe, Sarah Shaghasi $39,000 2015-present
Sci D Interior Lighting Upgrade- XHF030 Outside view of Science D building Lighting Upgrades Active: Construction Zander Kurnizki, Danielle Stepien, Amanda Ramirez-Sebree, Andrea Calleros $16,000 2015-present
Restroom Hand Dryer Retrofit- XHF025 illustration of the dyson hand dryer, which dries hands when they are inserted into a slit at the top of the machine Waste Management/Diversion On Hold Bryce Goldstein $20,000 2014-present
Green Workplace Equipment- XHF021 Picture shows a smart power strip Campus Collaborations, Efficiency Upgrades Active: Construction Rachel Londer $7,440.86 2014- Present
Cold Water Laundering Program- XHF014 Informational poster for cold water laundering Behavior Change Campaigns Completed/Installed John Lococo $2,495 2013-2020
Bi-Level LED Walkway- XHF011 Lighting Upgrades Defunded Kenneth L. Osia, Melissa Lancaster 0 2013-2019
Greenhouse HVAC Retrofit- XHF013 existing conditions rusty pipes and machinery Efficiency Upgrades On Hold Leabeth Peterson, Jessica Jewett, Jocelyn Gwynn $60,777 2013- present
Green Workplace Assessment- XHF010 Image shows the yellow Energy Guide sticker for an energy efficient refrigerator from 2013. Campus Collaborations, Efficiency Upgrades Active: Construction Jenna Bader, John Lococo $20,000.00 2013- Present
Lighting Control Pilot Project- XHF015 Lighting Upgrades On Hold Karen Kniel, Kenneth Osia $4,500 2013 - present
Nat Res Retrofit Air Handler- XHF003 Existing Conditions of the old air handler. Some fume exhaust fans appear to have their stacks modified. Efficiency Upgrades On Hold Nicholas Riedel $30,000 2012-present
Zimride Ride Sharing Program- XHF001 "Splitting gas at mile 1 and splitting the chorus at mile 101." Two women smiling in a car on a sunny day. Resources for Students, Transportation Completed/Installed Brietta Linney, Danielle Ballard $25,000 2012-2015
HArt- XHF009 attendees engaging in a live art demonstration that focused on plastic water bottle waste Campus Collaborations Completed/Installed Juliene Sinclair, Ashley Mobley $5,293 2012-2014
Reusable Dishware- XHF008 Open reusable to-go box Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Jesse Shrader, Adrienne Spitzer $35,450 2012-2014
SBS Retrofit- XHF005 Efficiency Upgrades Defunded Shira Wedemeyer $2750 2011-2014
Marine Lab Seawater Recir Syst- XHF004 Small octopus on the upper right corner of its tank. Previous Conditions around 2011 Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Chhimii Dorji, Taylor Edwards, Ryan Gustafson, Zach Johnson $9,631 2010-2013
IT Server Virtualization Campus Collaborations, Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed James Robinson, Devin Fredericksen, Nolan Kloer $20,000 2010-2011
Fulkerson Hall Replace Lights- XHF006 new lights inside of Fulkerson Hall above the main stage Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Laudie Jamois $37,937 2009-2013
Relamp Library aisle between colorful book cases inside of the library Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Fred McNeal, Meg Harper, Luke Scheidler, Maxime Tanti $5,291 2009-2010
Hand Dryers two hands resting downwards inside of a Dyson hand dryer Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Juliene Wintermute, James Robinson, Kira Rose $8,900 2009-2010
Relight Redwood Bowl Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Kale Roberts, Jamila Ghoul, Sarah Schneider $259,770 2009-2009
Sci D E HVAC System Upgrade- XHF007 Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Blair Kinser, Peter Johnstone, James Robinson IV $137,538 2008-2015
Waste Diversion Receptacles- XHF002 Resources for Students, Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Kathleen Robinson, Emily Creegan, Nicholas Tringale, Stacie Bartram $3,759 2008-2009
Old Music PV- XHEF071 Music building with solar panels on a foggy day Solar Completed/Installed Kristen Radecsky, Peter Johnstone, James Robinson, Nathan Chase $94,943 2008-2009
SoRMS Upgrade- XHEF072 students doing a maintenance check on SoRMS in 2018 Campus Collaborations Completed/Installed Andrea Allen, Juliette Bohn, James Apple, Colin Sheppard $2,901 2008-2009
CCAT Solar Thermal Campus Collaborations, Solar Completed/Installed Danielle Ladimir, Jeff Steuben $16,643 2007-2009