HEIF Mission Statement

To create a more sustainable campus by promoting energy independence

HEIF logo

 • (707) 826-5998 • 1 Harpst St. Arcata, CA 95521 • Facilities Management 100B •

Goals of HEIF

The five primary goals of the HEIF

  • The HEIF will achieve its mission through projects that are developed by students and, to the extent possible, implemented, monitored, and maintained with strong student involvement.

  • The HEIF will require accountability by measuring and reporting quantitative and qualitative results, as well as levels of involvement by students and other participants, in all its projects.

  • The HEIF will strive to make its projects derive from and be connected to the curriculum of the university.

  • The HEIF will support dissemination of information about its projects through public outreach and educational activities.

  • The HEIF will seek to publicize accomplishments and experiences associated with its program and projects through a variety of media.


The Humboldt Energy Independence Fund is a student-run organization that focuses on creating a more sustainable campus by implementing projects inspired from student ideas. Some notable projects include the installation of photovoltaic solar panels on top of Music A building, hydration stations that can be found all around campus, and the relighting of the Redwood Bowl which has reduced light pollution and cut energy costs. Students can make a direct and effective impact to change the way Humboldt State conserves energy, a primary goal of the Fund.