Idea Papers

Submitting an Idea Paper

The HEIF is an on-campus organization that promotes student-driven projects to reduce the environmental impacts associated with energy use. Students come up with the ideas, and students develop the ideas. Idea papers are a chance for students to submit their concepts to the HEIF committee who will then review all submitted papers and choose which are possible to be implemented on campus. If you’re interested in contributing an idea on campus, writing an idea paper is a way to do it! 

Click here for printable version of the Idea Paper Guidelines! When you're ready (and before any deadline) email your paper to

2019 Idea Papers due March 25th by 5 pm. for HEIF Workshop flyer with workshop dates and Idea Paper deadline.

Idea Papers 2018

Idea Papers 2018

Idea Papers 2018

Idea Papers 2017

Idea Papers 2017

HEIF received five Idea Papers in Spring 2017, all which were approved to go on to the next stage of development. Attached to the end of each text is the pdf that was submitted by students. 

Telonicher Marine Lab Indoor LED Retrofit

A survey and report conducted by the Redwood Coast Energy Authority on the Humboldt State Marine Laboratory showed that the university could save an estimated $9,439.39 per year and an estimated energy savings of 44,952kWh per year by changing their lighting system. This project seeks to replace the lights in HSU's Marine Lab to high-efficiency LEDs, where students will potentially conduct an energy analysis before and after installment.

Campus Street Light LED Retrofit

This project seeks to reduce Humboldt State University's energy expenditures and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, reduce light pollution, and improve campus safety and visibility by retrofitting campus street and pathway lights with energy efficient LED.

HEIF Documentary

Students will be researching a range of subject matters such as target audience, themes, successes and challenges that would be covered in making a HEIF video presentation. The vision for the documentary is flexible, and much of the creativity will come from the development team.

Electronic Receipts

This project presents an opportunity to conduct research into providing alternatives to paper receipts currently used for all sales conducted on campus. The team will focus primarily on the food service area, such as the J dining hall, Depot, and Marketplace.

Shower Water Reduction

Students will research various approaches to reduce the current water consumption from on-campus showers. This might materialize in behavior modification of students or equipping the showers with a new physical device.